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Promote your winery and tasting room to an avid group of Washington wine tasters and buyers

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Step 1: Watch for Invitation

All WineryHunt Washington wineries are selected by invitation only. Invitations are sent in the fall.

Step 2: Confirm Participation

Send us an email to confirm or decline your participation, or fill out the online form

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WineryHunt is designed to boost tasting room traffic and sales

WineryHunt is a membership program that incentivizes wine-lovers to travel to tasting rooms in diverse regions of Washington state.

Multiple Featured Wine Regions

From Walla Walla to Lake Chelan, Woodinville to the Columbia Gorge, we introduce our members to many different Washington wine regions throughout the year

3 to 4 Featured Wineries Per Region

Featured wineries agree to provide club members with a half-price tasting if they purchase nothing, and a waived tastings and 10% discount on purchases if one or more bottles are purchased. There is no other cost to participate as a featured winery. Any non-member +1s who visit with members will pay normal fees.

500 Club Members

Membership is limited to 500 Washington wine super-fans. Members learn about WineryHunt through social media and word of mouth. 

One Year To Visit Your Winery

Members will have one year (Jan 1-Dec 31) to make an appointment at your tasting room. Members display a WineryHunt Club card when they arrive at wineries to prove membership, and provide any other information ahead of time that you require on your reservation system.

Three Things That Make WineryHunt Different

Yes, many regions already have a "passport" or other similar program. WineryHunt is different for the following reasons:

Members receive a high-quality metal membership card to display at wineries. Each card has a unique member # that can be referenced against a list of member names provided to the winery.

  1. Curated Tasting Itineraries

    Consumers are overwhelmed by choices, and WineryHunt solves this problem by providing a guided, easy-to-follow tasting plan for different Washington wine regions throughout the year. Through print materials, social media, our website and monthly emails, consumers are introduced to the story of each region and Featured Winery. No other program offers this much promotion and storytelling for each participating winery.

  2. Statewide and Multi-State Focus

    The goal of WineryHunt is to incentivize consumers to travel to more distant, varied tasting regions. Rather than focusing on one region (Woodinville, Walla Walla), we encourage members to visit different regions in Washington throughout the year. Each region includes a profile page on the website with details on that area's featured wineries and trip-planning resources. New program format: Wineryhunt Oregon and WineryHunt Washington are being combined into one master program, making WineryHunt the ultimate winery discovery program in the Pacific Northwest

  3. High-Quality Consumers

    WineryHunt is not promoted as a discount, Groupon style program. Instead, we are intent on having a membership base that is full of passionate wine lovers and buyers. Our past featured wineries have reported very strong experiences with the members, with strong sales and club signups as a result of the program. Your success is why we started WineryHunt, and we are confident you will have a great experience as a featured winery.

What Featured Wineries Say

The program was a HUGE SUCCESS!! We saw 220 WineryHunt members in our featured month and had a conversion rate of over 75%. We love what you're doing and you're marketing this to the audience we want to drive to our space!
-Bookwalter Winery, Woodinville, Washington

We had a very positive experience being a featured winery for WineryHunt WA and would absolutely consider being a featured winery again in the future.
-JM Cellars, Woodinville, Washington

We had a great time with the Winery Hunt visitors. Great people that were here to taste the wine and have the full experience. It definitely boosted our sales. We would definitely love to be featured again in a future year. Thanks so much!
-Nine Hats Wines, Seattle SODO

I feel that it was a complete success for us. We had a total of 115 visitors, and a significant amount joined our Wine Club & purchased bottles. I would be thrilled to participate again next year!
-Eleven Winery, Bainbridge Island

What Consumers Say

We are VERY much enjoying WineryHunt. We have lived in the city for years and never really enjoyed wine country. This has pushed us to do it and we are thrilled!
-Jamie, WineryHunt Member

This is such a fun experience. I’m so glad my friends and I joined. This is the once-a-month event we all love.
-Dawn, WineryHunt Member

It's great in that I'm getting introduced to tasting rooms and vineyards I've never been. I really look forward to my monthly adventure!
-Cara, WineryHunt Member

Love it! We have never wine tasted in most of these featured regions before, so it is fun trying new places.
-Jennifer, WineryHunt Member

My friends and I joined the club not knowing what to expect. We are thrilled so far. Finding some places and wines we never even knew existed. Can't wait for next month!
-Cher, WineryHunt Member

WineryHunt is run by Vinbound Marketing

Vinbound Marketing began in 2014 as a website development and digital marketing agency for wineries, and in the last six years we've worked with hundreds of wineries throughout North America. Our clients often ask for creative strategies to build tasting room traffic and wine clubs. While you can refine your social media campaigns, SEO, advertising and website design, it often takes more incentive to get consumers in the door the first time around. WineryHunt Oregon launched in 2018 as an answer to this problem--- a membership program that incentivizes visits to high-caliber wineries via limited-time incentives and programmed tasting plans. WineryHunt has been very well received, with wineries reporting excellent turnout and strong sales, and customers thrilled to be guided through Wine Country. The program expanded to Washington in 2019 and Sonoma in 2020.

Ultimately, WineryHunt incentivizes and inspires wine tasters to venture further in the hunt for their next favorite winery. We are intent on featuring only the best tasting rooms in each region to provide our members with a curated, trusted source to discover new wineries. We are also intent on ensuring our members are high-quality consumers who are passionate about exploring wine country and eager to buy wine and join wine clubs. I hope we can count your tasting room among our list of Featured Wineries!

Brian Richardson
Founder, Vinbound Marketing
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Brian Richardson, WineryHunt & Vinbound Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you select Featured Wineries?

We are actively sending invitations to wineries with strong reputations in multiple Washington wine regions. We are intent on including only wineries of high caliber and quality, and generally limiting the number of featured wineries to a max 4 per region.

What do wineries pay to participate?

There is no cost to be a featured winery, as your "payment" is via the half-price, waived wine tastings and 10% discount on bottle sales to WineryHunt members.

What is the average redemption rate?

Looking at our Oregon and Washington data, between 50 and 75% of members will travel to your winery. On average 75% purchase at least a bottle during their visit, with 90% of wineries reporting at least several wine club signups. In short, the program is designed to be a cash-positive experience for featured wineries.

How will I know who is a WineryHunt member?

All members will be provided a metal membership card. Members will display this card to your tasting room staff when they visit. Your winery will also be provided a list of all club members for you to check off as members visit over the year.

How do you market to members to get them to join?

WineryHunt employs a very focused digital marketing advertising strategy to market the program to high-value wine lovers. This is not priced like a discount program and purposely weeds out lower value consumers who may only want free tastings.

Confirm your participation as a Featured Winery

After receiving an invitation, please do the follow:

Step 1: Email to let us know that you agree to be a featured winery (or are interested if you have not received an invitation)

Step 2: When you have a few minutes, fill out this form to provide us with some basic story content and three high-resolution images

Step 3: We will then send over a list of all members and program reminders prior to January 1st. You can print out the member list and keep handy in the tasting room for your staff.

Note Participation is by invite-only. If you did not receive an invitation but are interested in being considered, please Email Us