Note The 2022 program is on pause while we refine WineryHunt to better serve our wineries and members. 
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The Ultimate Program To Discover Washington Wineries

WineryHunt Washington is an annual membership club for adventurous Washington wine tasters.

Club members enjoy VIP access to 40+ of Washington's most acclaimed wineries. Members enjoy a waived tasting flight and 10% discounts on purchases at each of our featured wineries.

Benefits for Club Members

Limited Number of Members

Club memberships are limited! Members have a high-quality metal card to prove membership

VIP Perks at 40+ Top Washington Wineries

Club Members enjoy half-price or waived flights of wine and discounts at 40+ Featured Wineries

Detailed Travel Itineraries

We provide everything members need to plan their tasting trips to regions throughout WA

  • “We have had such a great time on our Winery Hunts. This is the perfect way to get the family together regularly to explore wine country.”
    Kathy S.
    WineryHunt Club Member
  • “This is the ongoing set of wine tasting trips my friends and I always look forward to. We love it!!!”
    Jen L.
    WineryHunt Club Member
  • “We are VERY much enjoying WineryHunt. We have lived in the city for years and never really enjoyed wine country. This has pushed us to do it and we are thrilled!”
    Jamie L.
    WineryHunt Club Member
  • “It has been a fantastic experience for my wife and I. We have really enjoyed getting out to a number of new wineries that we have not been to before.”
    Bill Y.
    WineryHunt Club Member
  • “I absolutely love the club, and have recommended it to countless others”
    Jerry R.
    WineryHunt Club Member
  • “I am loving WineryHunt!! It has taken me to wineries that I would have normally passed by. It has really opened my eyes to the industry and how lucky we are to live among it.”
    Amy C.
    WineryHunt Club Member

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I become a 2023 member?

WineryHunt Washington is on pause in 2022, but we will be back in 2023 with even more benefits for our members. Look for 2023 program details to be released in October. Please join our mailing list to be notified once WineryHunt Washington 2023 is available!

What is the purpose of WineryHunt?

With nearly 1000 tasting rooms in Washington, planning your wine tasting trips is confusing and time-consuming! We save our members time and money by curating a group of must-visit tasting rooms in regions throughout the state and offering waived tastings and discounts in the process.

What wineries are featured?

The list of 2023 Featured Wineries will be announced soon. As always, our Featured Wineries are a mix of established wineries and hidden gems.

How will I prove I am a WineryHunt Member?

Membership cards are mailed to members soon after purchase. Every winery also has a list of members in the tasting room.

Who is the ideal WineryHunt member?

WineryHunt was designed for adventurous Washington wine lovers who are eager to travel throughout the state. All of our members live in or near Washington state and have a deep love for learning about and exploring Washington wine.

Can my +1 also taste free?

Each cardholding member enjoy one half-price tasting flight (4-7 wines) at each participating winery. This flight is waived completely with at least one bottle purchase. You certainly may let your +1 sample from your flight, but that person will also need to be a cardholding member to receive their own personal flight and benefits.

When did WineryHunt start?

 WineryHunt began in 2017 with WineryHunt Oregon, followed by Washington in 2018. WineryHunt is operated from the Pacific Northwest by Vinbound Marketing.

Do the wineries have to be visited during a specific month?

The Featured Wineries can be visited anytime throughout the year

What caliber of wineries are Featured?

We are intent on featuring Washington wineries that offer exceptional wines, warm hospitality and polished tasting room experiences. 

Do wineries pay to be part of this?

No. The featured wineries are chosen by merit and did not pay to be featured on WineryHunt. Membership dues cover the time and resources to execute WineryHunt properly and make it an amazing experience for both members and wineries.